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Hi everyone!

We have a quick update for all plugin developers regarding the Developer FAQ and Dalamud's documentation. is the new home of our documentation. It will contain all of our high level developer documentation, as well as a mostly-up-to-date view of Dalamud's XML docs.

We're actively in the process of migrating existing documentation to the new site, including cleaning up the existing Developer FAQ and organizing its information more effectively. The legacy Developer FAQ is still available on, but its size will shrink over time as we update and expand on documentation.

If you would like to help contribute to our documentation, there are a few ways you can help:

  • Open Pull Requests against the dalamud-docs repo for any FAQs or high-level information.
  • Open Pull Requests against Dalamud to expand on our existing XML docs.
  • Page one of the maintainers with comments/suggestions on how we can improve documentation.

If you have any questions about what goes where (or what should be documented, and how), feel free to flag down one of the maintainers.

Thanks for flying Dalamud! 🛬